Emily (malicious_me) wrote in humoroushp,

A Vigil for Harry/Hermione Ship

(Originally posted in my LJ back in July)

Let us all remember the hope we held in our hearts that one day, Harry and Hermione would soon realize their great love for each other. Let us all take solace in our memories of stories that could have been canon, of icons that brought smiles to our faces.

It's all gone now.

We must gather together in our grief and be strong for each other. We must press on, dissecting the hoards of people who believe that Ron could ever be perfect for Hermione. We must hold our heads high, basking in the knowledge that we were right, even though our predictions were never realized.

Let's light a candle.

In its flame, we see the fire that Harry held for Hermione. We see how he had always pined for her, ached for her. We see what even the great creator did not. Ah yes... We see.

We see for we have transcended the great creator, JK Rowling. She herself could not see how perfect Harry and Hermione blend together. Instead, she has been blinded by the crimson haze that surrounded the... "Ron boy." She had been bewitched by her own tale, spinning a tale that could never be realized. It simply couldn't.

We tried to save the great creator... Tried to plead with her to recognize her horrible mistake. Alas, her befuddlement led her to mock those who saw the greatest pairing in literature.

And so we are persecuted. "Delusional," we're called. Spit upon by the millions of confused readers.

But we will not be swayed. Truth is never swayed.

So now we grieve for our loss, though Harry and Hermione will never leave our hearts. We grieve for those who will never understand true love. We grieve for literature, for it will never again tantalize us.

Today, we bury the Harry and Hermione ship. We put it to rest, holding it forever in our hearts.

Rest In Peace, Harry/Hermione.

Bollocks to you if you took me seriously.
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